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 Last updated:  3 August 2015

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Enterprises Creation
Tunisian Industry
API Services
One-Stop Window

Tunisian Industrial Indicators

    Tunisian Industrial Indicators: Decrease of 8.2% for declared investment in Industry during the 06 months of 2015.

The one-stop shop at API

    The one-stop shop at API is a service area where administrative and legal formalities can be accomplished thanks to the presence of representatives of the various governmental authorities involved in setting up new businesses: declaration of intention to invest and legal constitution of new companies.

500 Project ideas

    CEPI has identified 500 project ideas based on benchmarking studies. A list of 41 professional files has been published.

Regional development zone

    Targeted incentives granted by the State in support of regional development

API : a network of services for entrepreneurs and enterprises

The Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation is a public establishment, which is responsible for the implementation of the Government’s policies relative to the promotion of the industrial sector. API provides a support structure for companies and promoters.

API’s services are focused on 6 major categories :

  • Company Incorporation and Investment Advantages Management
  • Training for Company Creators and Business Incubation Centers (BIC)
  • Task Force- Industry Modernization and Upgrading
  • Studies
  • Industrial Information
  • API / TIC Package

Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation
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